2021 International Conference on Advanced Computing and Endogenous Security
Delay // Nanjing, China

Call for papers

Papers should be submitted through System. Please click here (http://ices.xintongconference.com/account/loginto submit your paper to the ICACES conference.

1. The scope of papers including but not limited to the following scopes:

Ø  Advanced Computing

l  Z-level computing architecture and key technologies

l  Mimi computing, memory computing, graph computing, cloud computing, quantum computing, brain-like computing, superconducting computing and other new computing architectures and application systems

l  Software and hardware collaborative computing platform and innovative application system based on new architecture

l  New operating systems, runtime systems, data management systems, compilation and programming languages, programming environments, etc

l  Software/hardware co-design technology and ecological environment based on new computing architectures

l  New large-scale scientific and engineering software

l  Instruction sets for new processors and accelerators, microstructure, memory structure, interconnection and transmission technologies, programming mode,etc

l  RISC-V-based architecture design, hardware accelerator design

l  Soft and hard collaborative computing chip design based on Chiplet and wafer scale integration

l  Artificial intelligence chip brain, software defined chip, architecture for open source field, a heterogeneous system on a chip, saving calculation integration chip, perception fusion, lightweight edge intelligent chip, etc

l  Full-process EDA/IP tools, logic manufacturing technology, memory-specific manufacturing technology, power and analog chip technology, etc

l  Innovative technologies such as non Von Neumann computing architecture, software-defined chips, and AI-supported design automation (EDA), etc

l  New application technologies and systems such as photoelectric sensing and communication, photoelectric computing and storage, photoelectric imaging and display, etc

l  Intelligent computing systems and applications based on technologies such as software and hardware collaborative processing, dynamic resource combination, and network component reconstruction, etc

Ø  Endogenous Security

l  Mimic defense technology, moving target defense technology, design security technology, customized trusted space

l  Software defined security technology, AI-driven security technology, zero-trust security technology, secure multi-party computation technology

l  Next-generation network endogenous security technology, 5G endogenous security technology, Space-Ground Integrated Network endogenous security technology, artificial intelligence endogenous security technology, industrial Internet endogenous security technology, etc

l  Chip endogenous security technology, information system endogenous security technology, cloud computing and data center endogenous security technology

l  Application endogenous security design and implementation technology, network service endogenous security technology implementation technology

l  Design and implementation technology for industry specific applications and services endogenous security, such as telecommunications, IDC, finance, medical, special trade, etc

l  Key software and hardware components of endogenous security technology, such as I / O proxy, arbiter and scheduler that used mimic technology to enhance security, also include mimic acceleration and performance optimization technology and endogenous security co-design method of software and hardware

l  Endogenous security supported technology, endogenous security programming language, endogenous security tool chains and tool libraries, endogenous security compiler and development environment

l  Endogenous security open sources and platform construction technology

l  Measurement and evaluation model, performance quantitative design method, and test evaluation method of endogenous security technology

l  Endogenous security white box injection test and black box confrontation test method, endogenous security technology test site construction technology, etc


2. Requirements for papers

(1) Contribution shall be the author’s scientific research achievements, with the signature undisputed, the data authentic and reliable. It should be unpublished research achievements with important academic value.

(2) English manuscripts with no more than 5 pages will be accepted. A template is open for downloading.


3. Important dates

Paper Submission Deadline:August 31, 2021

Author Notification:September 30, 2021

Resubmission of Revised Papers:October 15, 2021


4. Paper acceptance and publication

Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore subject to meeting IEEE Xplore’s scope and quality requirements

This conference will select about 30% of excellent papers and recommend them to "Science China", "China Communications", "FITEE", " Acta Electronica Sinica", " Chinese Journal of Computers ", " Journal on Communications ", " Journal of Computer Research and Development ", "Journal of Cyber Security " and other international SCI/EI indexed journals. Furthermore, excellent papers will be published in "Journal of Communications and Information Networks", and receive certificates and prizes.

5. Paper Template